Dad Magick is a passion project that was produced by a few friends who love creating things, expressing ourselves through our art, and entertaining people with our work. We hope you enjoy what we’ve created.


Zack Ginsberg

Kurt Lemire & Series Creator, Writer, Director, Editor, Sound Design, Original Music

Zack Ginsberg is a writer, musician, and growing into whatever other roles his work requires.

Until now, his novels and scripts have gone unpublished and unproduced, so he has taken it into his own hands to change that. He loves audio fiction and is excited to add his own voice to this unique world of storytelling. He is from Toronto.


Sam Burton

Eustace Pucker & Writer, Director, Editor, Sound Design, Original Music
Sam Burton is an abstract painter who LOVES to make KRAZEE sounds
(Zack, please be sure to use that spelling so people realize that the sounds I make are crazier than they can even imagine).
These sounds have served him well insofar as they landed him his first sound design gig on this podcast.
His work can be found at SBH.Paints

Joseph Landau

Albert Miller & Walter

Joseph Landau is a musician and actor based in Toronto.

You can learn more about him and his work at JosephLandau.com


Bizzy Davis

Abby Lemire & Caroline Pucker

Bizzy Davis is a precarious professor striving to become a rich poet.

She is currently working on two chapbooks, Didactic Poems and The Scab.

She is also a seamstress.


Greg Smith

Mixing & Mastering

Greg Smith is a multitalented musician, drummer, recording, production, and post-production engineer.