Episode 3 – Polaroids

Kurt discovers some pictures that reveal something disturbing about his father.

This episode features Zack Ginsberg.

Written and directed by Zack Ginsberg and Sam Burton.


Dad Magick

Episode 3 – Polaroids

KURT is walking through the house.


Pretty weird love letter, dad. Let’s see if Caroline made an appearance in your journal.

He sits down on the couch and opens the journal.


More weird poems and sketches. What is this, a sword?

“From an act on a stage that is splintered and dry.”

Starts the same. “Ebony eye… paradise rot,” that’s new. “…turn red, to open it turn it, again and again.”

He shuts the journal.


Okay. So it was a work in progress.

He rifles through papers on the coffee table.


Not really seeing any puzzles to be solved here. Other than… the jigsaw in the kitchen?

He gets up and walks into the kitchen.


It’s a start. Literally, it’s not even close to being finished.

Now, where’s the box?

He looks around.


There we go. 2000 pieces. It looks a little… biblical, all things considered. But it is beautiful.

Canto 34 by Gustave Dore.

He opens the box.


There are polaroids in here. With writing on them.

October ’87. The year before I was born. It’s just someone… laying in the dirt?

“The beast bowled him over. We all had a good laugh.”

“Knocking on the door.”

It’s just three people in robes, I can’t even see their faces. Is this supposed to mean anything to me?

This must be the beast. It just looks like a goat, in front of… I’ve seen this.

He walks out of the house and onto the driveway, carrying the polaroids.


I’ve definitely seen this before.

He continues down a path into the woods.


It’s the same tree!

I knew it.

He arrives at the tree.


There are two people in the picture.

“Walter and Caroline upon the altar.”

He walks around the space while looking at more pictures.


It’s two people in shadows with a goat chained up. They must have butchered it right here. And here’s the chain. Covered in rust.

The last photo is… dad. Drenched in blood. He has this look on his face. His eyes. They’re… filled with… delight.

She would have told me about this. I gotta call mom.

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