Episode 5 – The Knife

While exploring the basement of the house, Kurt finds a beautiful knife.

This episode features Zack Ginsberg.

Written and directed by Zack Ginsberg and Sam Burton.


Dad Magick

Episode 5 – The Knife

KURT is walking around the main floor of the house, trying to piece together the information he has gathered.


The living key is… I know I saw that in the journal, he wrote about that, but maybe… maybe there’s something else in here.

He sits down on the couch and opens the journal again. He’s flipping pages, reading and re-reading things he’s already seen.


No, no, it’s just more of the same. More drawings, more bullshit.

“The door unlocks with three in a line.” “It unlocks when the planets align.” What does any of this have to do with a sonogram?

But on the note he called it the living key. Is the key supposed to be a person? Because there’s nothing in here about people. About me, or mom, or even Caroline.

He shuts the journal again.


But, if the key was supposed to be person, or his child, that makes sense. He certainly had no interest in being a father, ’cause I never met him.

He grabs the whiskey bottle and takes a sip. He gets up from the couch and begins pacing around the house.


But if it was supposed to be my brother, and, he’s gone, that only leaves… Is that why mom ran off? Did something happen to Caroline, or was she just too far gone into all this cult shit?

And even if I am supposed to be some sort of key, where’s the door? What does it lead to?

Listen to yourself, Kurt. There’s nothing crazier than trying to make crazy make sense.

No, I… I must be missing something. I should go through her things again. I know this must have something to do with Caroline.

He descends the stairs into the basement.


That photo of them, they just seem so close. It’s one thing to bail on someone who’s so clearly out of their mind, but it doesn’t seem like mom to abandon a friend.

He starts going through more boxes.


But maybe she just couldn’t get through to her. I mean, look at me. Thinking about doors and locks and keys down here in this moldy basement. But still, something about the way they look together in that picture.

Huh? Now that’s different. Is this… Yeah, this is definitely it. He was drawing this in his journal.

He pulls a knife out of a box and unsheathes it to inspect it.


I can see why he was fascinated with this thing. It’s beautiful. Guess it’s mine now. The sheath is pretty beat up, but… Perfectly weighted. Gorgeous bone handle, and the carving’s so intricate. How the hell did he ever get his hands on something like this?

Must be worth more than this whole fucking house.

The blade still looks so sharp. That’s blood on the edge. It’s probably what they used to kill that goat.

How could you leave something like this… filthy? Let me…

He tries to wipe it clean but cuts himself and drops the knife.


Ah! Fuck!

Of course. He cuts himself on the blood… magick… knife.

Huh. There’s a paper stuffed in the sheath.

He removes the paper and reads it.

“Oh Caroline, my dearest love. What splendid pleasures we’ve touched over the course of your blossoming. You make all colours seem brighter, even as these woods wither into a dull autumn. But this fall, this fall will be different. It will not guide us to a sleeping, frozen desert. No, it will bring us to an oasis. To Eden! And as you have given home to a soul plucked from the great dark, so too will the great dark be given home in me. We are all bound by blood now. Locked. Even as I write this, I hold the key. And behind the door, an endless meadow where Walter and Annabelle will join us as flowers, soon to be joined by so many more. Our meadow, Caroline, it is the earth.”

Mom… I understand. You had to save yourself.

There are more pictures of them here.

And a videotape.

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